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Contemporary Pneumatology Past Event

Date: 27-Jul-2009 to 07-Aug-2009
Organizer: Kwang Jin Jang

APTS 45th Year Anniversary Celebration

Date: 29-Jul-2009
Venue: APTS CHAPEL; Live Online Webcast

First Trimester Classes End

Date: 28-Aug-2009

Final Examination Week Past Event

Date: 31-Aug-2009 to 04-Sep-2009

First Trimester Final Exams Past Event

Date: 01-Sep-2009 to 04-Sep-2009

First Trimester Final Exams

Date: 02-Sep-2009

First Trimester Final Exams

Date: 03-Sep-2009

First Trimester Final Exams

Date: 04-Sep-2009

8:30 AM English Test

Date: 09-Sep-2009
Organizer: Registrars Office


Date: 09-Sep-2009
Organizer: Registrar's Office

9-10 AM APTS Essay

Date: 10-Sep-2009
Organizer: APTS Registrar's Office

ORIENTATION for 2nd Trimester

Date: 11-Sep-2009

Registration - 2nd trimester

Date: 14-Sep-2009

Plagiarism Seminar (for new students only)

Date: 14-Sep-2009
Venue: 2-4 PM
Organizer: Registrar's Office

First day of class 2ndTrimester

Date: 15-Sep-2009

Contemporary Issues of Pastoral Counseling Past Event

Date: 05-Oct-2009 to 16-Oct-2009

Foundations of Leadership Past Event

Date: 26-Oct-2009 to 13-Nov-2009

Preregistration for 3rd Trimester Past Event

Date: 09-Nov-2009 to 13-Nov-2009
Venue: Registrar's Office
Organizer: Registrar's Office

2nd Trimester Classes End

Date: 27-Nov-2009

2nd Trimester Final Exams Past Event

Date: 30-Nov-2009 to 04-Dec-2009

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