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New Students' Orientation 3rd Trimester 2017-2018

Date: 02-Jan-2018 to 06-Jan-2018

Registration Day for 3rd Trimester 2017-2018

Date: 03-Jan-2018 to 03-Jan-2018

First Day of Class 3rd Trimester 2017-2018

Date: 04-Jan-2018 to 04-Jan-2018

26th Annual William Menzies Lecturehip

Date: 15-Jan-2018 to 19-Jan-2018

Last Day of Classes 3rd Trimester 2017-2018

Date: 16-Mar-2018 to 16-Mar-2018

Final Exam Week 3rd Trimester 2017-2018

Date: 17-Mar-2018 to 21-Mar-2018

53rd Commencement Exercises

Date: 22-Mar-2018 to 22-Mar-2018
Venue: GMC Garrison Chapel, APTS Campus

Missionary Training Institute

Date: 02-Apr-2018 to 23-Apr-2018

Institute of Islamic Studies

Date: 09-Apr-2018 to 18-Mar-2018

Children Ministries Institute

Date: 20-May-2018 to 02-Jun-2018

Institute for Church Action on Poverty Studies

Date: 21-May-2018 to 25-May-2018

New Students' Orientation 1st Trimester 2018-2019

Date: 11-Jun-2018 to 15-Jun-2018 *tentative date

Registration Day for 1st Trimester 2018-2019

Date: 18-Jun-2018 to 18-Jun-2018 *tentative date

First Day of Class 1st Trimester 2018-2019

Date: 19-Jun-2018 to 19-Jun-2018 *tentative date

Last Day of Classes 1st Trimester 2018-2019

Date: 31-Aug-2018 to 31-Aug-2018 *tentative date

Final Exam Week 1st Trimester 2018-2019

Date: 03-Sep-2018 to 07-Sep-2018 *tentative date

New Students' Orientation 2nd Trimester 2018-2019

Date: 12-Sep-2018 to 14-Sep-2018 *tentative date

Registration Day for 2nd Trimester 2018-2019

Date: 17-Sep-2018 to 17-Sep-2018 *tentative date

First Day of Class 2nd Trimester 2018-2019

Date: 18-Sep-2018 to 18-Sep-2018 *tentative date

Last Day of Classes 2nd Trimester 2018-2019

Date: 30-Nov-2018 to 30-Nov-2018 *tentative date

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